Monday, June 4, 2012

Reuniting the Fawn and the Doe

   Friday morning the main gate near our home was left open for five minutes.   During that time, a doe and her brand new baby, secretly entered.  
    Saturday morning a good deal of spinach and lettuce had been eaten and we were a bit baffled -- could a deer have hopped our high fence -- or did rabbits visit?

    Sunday morning the doe appeared along the fence line above our garage.     One of us walked towards her, the other opened the gate, and her departure was graceful.

       We did not know she had a brand new baby until 20 minutes later.    Out in the garden, all alone, there rested the most precious fawn, so very young, maybe less than a week old, perhaps born just a few hours before.

      The fawn, so smart, hid as motionless as possible in the tall kale plants, tall compared to this new little body.   Silky soft fur, white spots, so precious, so vulnerable, weighing only eight to ten pounds - in an instant we both felt such deep love for this little fawn!

      We walked slowly towards the fawn and in one scoop Tallison picked the fawn up and as we walked the 200 yards to the gate the fawn let out two very loud squeals.   Each time the fawn squealed, the doe, the mommy, pranced around the outside of the fence with an excited yet concerned look on her face.

     We told them both all was well, it would be OK.    When we opened the gate the doe was so relieved -- the look on her face as she saw her baby fawn running towards her.    This reunion of mommy and baby has touched us deeply and will remain in our hearts forever.

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  1. This is the type of news I'd like read everyday. Humans helping the other species on the plant instead of hurting and hunting them.