Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oil Pulling

Today at The Superfood Palace the King (Tallison) and I (Yogi Suzi) began the practice of oil pulling.  Oil pulling is an ancient technique that, from all the claims, appears to be a panacea for modern ailments.  Intrigued by the information, upon rising at 3:07 a.m., I, still in my birthday suit which doubles as pajamas, opened the oven door and reached for the slightly warm jar of coconut oil.   Tallison had a look of disbelief on his face, almost shock, and I was not sure why.   For last night, from the loft of The Superfood Palace I announced that I was to begin the practice of Oil Pulling on this very day and I sent him two informational links on oil pulling.

Oil pulling?  Yes, it sounds strange and I shall create more posts sharing the results that Tallison and I receive from the practice.

For you see, in spite of the near look of horror on Tallison's face this rainy morning, when I came back out to the kitchen ten minutes later, he too was swirling and swishing almost one tablespoon of coconut oil in his mouth.

Oil pulling is most often practiced with Sesame or Sunflower Oils.  However, many people praise the benefits of Coconut Oil.

The concept is that if one swishes up to one tablespoon of cold pressed oil in the mouth first thing each morning before taking any water or food, all the toxins that have settled in the night will merge with the oil.  Old bacteria, viruses, fungus, mucous, and excess will be mixed in with the oil and the saliva.  Then, after ten to twenty minutes of swirling the oil, through the teeth, under and over the tongue, against the meridians at the roof of the mouth, miracles will begin to happen.

Arthritis, tooth decay, gum disease, bleeding gums, scars, blood sugar issues, allergies, and many more ailments will all, according to the literature, not only diminish, but will virtually disappear.

Does it sound to good to be true?  Stay tuned to Superfood Palace and discover the virtues not only of oil pulling, but of other practices and techniques that will assist you in entering The Kingdom of Health.

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