Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Palace is Within You

Superfood Palace is an inspirational and motivational site filled with personal experiences encountered by the authors.  At Superfood Palace, we are regularly reminded that the "treasures" in life are "free".

Some say "nothing in life is free".  Well, this is true.  One must take steps and reach out for that which is served up to us on the golden platter of the Universe.

We all get to breathe deeply however unless we make the effort, take advantage of this God given right, then it becomes worthless.  Superfood Palace reminds us that the We are The Palace.  Everything we take into our bodies, be it music, food, fresh air, clean water, or inspirations, these are the gems of life.

There are gems and treasures in every palace.  Superfood Palace is here to remind us to have gratitude for the gems and treasures that are part of our daily lives.  Simple Pleasures like enjoying a bit of sunshine, getting to bed by 10:00 p.m., relaxing deeply during and after stretching, these are a few of the gems and joys of life.

Almonds are now Golden Nuggets, Goji Berries are Rubies, Green Drinks and Vegetables are created from Emerald Crystals, and Raw Superfood Chocolates and other high anti-oxidant foods are Sapphires.

Beyond food, at Superfood Palace we are inspired to sit with better posture, practice more Yoga and/or Qi Gong, incorporate more herbs and teas into our lives, gently switch over to natural fiber clothing and bedding, and to increase our level of consciousness around how we eat, sleep, and entertain ourselves.

Our pages are here for you, written based on our personal experience, so that we shall all be reminded that we are The Palace of our Body, Soul, and Mind.

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