Thursday, February 16, 2012

79 cent Garden Tool

   You may or may not be familiar with an Ika Hoe or a Nejiri Weeder yet there is an extremely valuable garden tool that, for about 79 cents, will, quite simply, enhance the success of your garden.   A notebook or journal can become your best friend if you mark it up with details like how many weeks particular seeds need to be started indoors before planting outdoors and with other info like how many days the seeds take to germinate.

     Some plants do need an extended start in a warm spot, and warm often means indoors.   Tomatoes, for example, often require 10 weeks from sowing indoors to transplanting outdoors.   So let's say you were planning on getting those Rose de Summer Tomatoes or Large Red Cherry Tomatoes in the outdoor soil on June 1st.   This means you would plant the seeds around March 15th.  Yikes!

    Perhaps you can't get out there with your Hand Crafted Carbon Steel Blade Kana Weeder today, but you can definitely break out the pen and paper and refine your plan for an organized and productive garden.     We're here cheering you on -- and like you -- with pen and paper designing our 2012 garden.

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