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Shower yourself with Love with this easy, nourishing cleanse. Full instructions here!

Cleansing:  Strategies for Success

When we choose to cleanse our bodies, and then give up due to lack of willpower, we cheat ourselves out of a sense of self empowerment. 

Kind of like cleaning a closet, once we pull half the clutter out, we must finish or else residue will be piled on the floor.

When we follow through with a cleansing plan, after a few days, we feel triumphant!

I have found, for me, when I cleanse, I need a program that is thorough without being depleting.  The program that I have had the most luck with over the last year is The Health Force Level 2 Cleanse Kit.

The Level 2 Cleanse Kit is very effective and easy to use even in the midst of a busy life.

Here is a 7 Day Cleanse Protocol:

One to three days before the cleanse, begin backing off on heavier foods.  Enjoy more blended soups, blended or tossed salads, smoothies (preferably green) and any soft foods that appeal to you.  Set some intentions as to what foods you will take a 7 day break from. By taking a look at your diet you will see which foods are the heaviest. Consider taking a break from those.  Examples include dairy, fried foods, meat, pastries, nuts, and candies.

Open the box with The Healthforce Level 2 Cleanse Kit the day before cleansing. 

The eve of the cleanse eat an early dinner, open the bottles from the kit, and  take 2 to 4 Intestinal Movement Formula Capsules with dinner.   Two hours after dinner, take 12 Intestinal Drawing Formula Capsules with at least sixteen ounces of water.

This encourages the body to have a full bowel movement the next morning. 

Bowel Movements, poop, elimination, whatever you call it, one of your goals may be to improve the quality of this vital function.

When I am eating too heavily, even on a raw food diet, chomping on too many nuts, seeds, or heavy treats, I tend to get plugged up. 

When I get plugged up I have a very difficult time moving in the morning.  My thinking becomes clouded, and, all too often, I have tricked myself into believing that caffeine will gravitate me beyond the heaviness.  

The coffee will in fact produce a bowel movement initially, however, later in the day, due to the dehydrating component of the coffee, I will end up with dry, hard, stools.

The vicious cycle continues until I get thoroughly rehydrated and, twice yearly, cleaned out.

The Healthforce Level 2 Cleanse kit, embarked upon for 7 days, revitalizes me!

The simple cleanse, which begins with dinner on the eve before (noted above), is outlined here:

Daily, upon rising:   Have something simple like some Vitamineral Green and Spirulina, also from Healthforce Nutritionals, with a natural Vitamin C powder like Camu Camu or Acerola berry powder.  Blend these powders with a little stevia or sweetener of choice as in honey, apple, more berry powders, or a few fresh berries.  Healthforce has a product called Truly Natural Vitamin C which is excellent!

Ideally, this drink is one full quart.  With the morning elixir, have:

2 to 4 Healthforce Intestinal Movement Formula Capsules and
4 to 6 Healthforce Liver Rescue Capsules and, if you did not put Vitamineral Green powder in your morning elixir then have
12 Vitamineral Green capsules  

(the above three items all come with the kit, as does the item IDF, spoken of below)

One to two hours later have 12 Intestinal Drawing Formula Capsules (IDF) with water.

During this morning routine, you may enjoy stretching, yoga, a walk, or quiet time.

Many of us do chase out the door most days.  Be sure to pack your cleanse capsules, and, ideally, smoothies, teas, or broths, and plenty of water in advance.

The beauty of the Healthforce Level 2 Cleanse Kit is that it does come with the Vitamineral Green (VMG) in capsules so you can use the capsules and, hopefully, find high quality liquid meals at a smoothie or juice bar if you are on the go.  

Personally, I love VMG powder in smoothies or blended in broths, tea, and/or juice.

When ordering my cleanse kit, I always get one large 500 gram bottle of VMG and one large 500 gram bottle of Vitamineral Earth, aka, Earth.

When I choose to be out in the world, I use the VMG capsules that come with the kit.

When I am home in the morning and evening, I use the VMG powder and Earth.

The trick to sailing through a cleanse is to stay well hydrated.  Smoothies, water, broths, herbal teas, and green juices are key.

On a very busy schedule, or if you feel cold, I suggest making a giant pot of vegetable broth, discarding the vegetables if you are a raw foodie, and, using this broth as your base.

If you enjoy a heartier soup and do not mind cooked vegetables, then you may choose to make a creamy puree out of the vegetable soup.

Alternately, herbal teas made from nettles, horsetail, or alfalfa provide much needed silica to the body.  Add VMG or Earth to the warm (not hot) teas with a dash of high quality salt or miso and a little squirt of hemp or olive oil.   Yummy, warming, easy!

Whatever you choose to consume on the cleanse, be it smoothies, broths with VMG and Earth, juices, or solid food, for best results, choose foods with a very high water content.

With three of your meals, even if you have six mini meals, please, only with three, have 2 to 4 Intestinal Movement Formula, 4 to 6 Liver Rescue, and 12 Vitamineral Green Capsules unless VMG powder is in your meal, then you may save the capsules.

One to two hours after the meal in which you had the capsules, again, this is only for three meals daily, take 12 Intestinal Drawing Formula Capsules with at least 16 oz. of water.

VMG is best added to water, juice, warm tea, or to a green or superfood smoothie.

Earth is best added to warm or hot vegetable broth or tea, with salt and/or oil added if that is what sounds good to your body.

VMG and Earth insure that we are fully nourished and mineralized and, for me, I feel a steady energy and very little to zero hunger if I have plenty of VMG and Earth.

Remember, you get to eat and drink what you like on this cleanse.   The triumphant feeling comes from sticking with whatever you chose to take a break from at the start.

If you chose to give up cookies or chocolates for 7 days, stick with that, however be kind to yourself if there are other aspects of the cleanse that you do alter along the way. 

Cleansing is a way to pamper your body, mind, and soul.  Hot baths, walking or relaxing in the sunshine, anointing your body with warm oil, getting a massage, getting plenty of rest and giving yourself enemas are good ways to express love for yourself.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions, and, cheers to a cleanse that produces feelings of exuberance to you!


Queen of her own Palace, just as you are The Royal Highness of your Palace~~~

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